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Shake Sh*t Up:: Change your Perspective, Change your Life.

November 6, 2017


Nothing lasts forever.

Please believe, no, don’t just believe. You need to know there is no emotion or situation that will last forever. Nothing Lasts forever. The only thing constant in our lives is change. Life ebbs and flows, and the good and bad in life will come and go, eternally.


This world is a dual world.

The physical world and what we see and feel is not all there is. There is a world of spirit and purpose underneath, and no matter what it looks like on the outside, there is much more going on beneath the circumstances we perceive as negative.

If you can remember that and tap into the deeper meaning behind what you’re experiencing, then you will be able to accept whatever you’re  going through with greater ease.


My Choice.

We actually have a choice in how we view things.

Today, I can  look back on all that I have been through in the past years and instead of feeling angry, bitter, or consumed by it, I know  that so much has come from it.

I started writing and performing and consequently I have re-discovered  my passion in teaching and acting, something I have always had a desire to do.

I have built wonderful relationships with the friends that supported me through the tough times and I know that I can go through tough times and not break.Bend, but never break.

Somewhere along the way, I was able to find the silver lining in my rainbow, and you can too.



Take a minute to reflect on your life. Think of the many tough times you have endured and the many blessings that have arisen from them.

You have a chance to find the bright side to your situation, no matter how tough it seems, by only changing your view and identifying the positive of every experience.

There is a lesson in the pain and there is a beautiful rose in your thorn bush. Remember, changing  your perspective is like changing the window through which you view the World. When you change how you view the World, you change how you feel about it.



Remember, changing your perspective is like changing the window through which you view the world. When you change how you view the world, you change how you feel about it.


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