Kiss a Teacher 💋

This show was written out of pain and struggle. Struggling with the idea of teaching versus the reality of what the job truly requires. A new teacher receives a degree in education and formal training but that does not prepare you to walk in a class room filled with young eager minds. Forger the simplistic idea that you teach and they learn. However the reality of being an educator is you can walk in with all of the practical training and degrees and you will still not be ready for an experience like this. Staring at you are thirty little lives, some not so perfect, some with no support yet they are all yours when they walk into your classroom. Yes they are all yours their hopes, dreams and adversaties. How does one manage to serve every single need that these children may come with? You can't, you dont, you fall short every time. That is the hardest part. Continuing every single day you show up to give your all and yet there are somethings that are beyond your control. While teaching I began taking a writing and acting class with Karen Ludwig. During this class I had writing assignments about my life in the present. It was easy. Putting my experiences to paper was therapeutic. I wrote about working in the South Bronx, Freeman Street, to be exact. My class with Kareb was on Bank Street, basically the orherside of the world from where I worked. I took the train to class and completed my homework assignment on the train. The commute was long so I had the time. I wrote about what I was told before becominh a Teacher versus what actually happens in the classroom. I wrote about the situations that made me laugh and cry The students that had heart as well as brains and the characters that stuck out to me the most . TAhe children. I performed it for the class and they were laughing hysterically while not believing the stories to be true but they were. They laughed at my pain. They also pointed out the extensive role of the teacher. The teacher essentially becomes the mother, father, sister, brother, friend, counselor, peace maker and the judge. I never realized all that takes place during the course of the day and how much I, as a teacher, actually have to deal with. It is a huge responsibility. I want this theatric experiemce to exemplify that teachers are the real MVP's in the schools. Instead of it being a show of pain and hardship I wanted to simply share our realities inside of the classroom.I wanted to highlight the very important role of the educator in a childs life. Come see my show that highlight what a typical day looks like where I work.. I hope to shed light on some of the difficulties we as the custodians of your children experience. And we still show up. This is my ode to Teachers everywhere.