Good Morning America


It was myself and 86 students. No additional staff to support with anything. Many of kids showed up to be a part of the show but only a select few showed up to help. By help I mean basically run the show full on production team anything from running all of the errands, controlling the lights, to getting the music right. Checking the performers in...Painting and building the entire set ...basically whatever they were asked to do. There were times we didn’t leave the school building until 7pm...No complaining no payment. Everything done through pure love and because "WE" were creating something together. The show was a hit. Flawless. A friend of mine that I grew up with does the audio for GOOD MORNING AMERICA and was able to provide access for my students and I to attend full LIVE taping of GOOD MORNING AMERICA . There were 14 of us. 12 students and 2 adults we met in front of the school at 4:45am to catch a 5:15 train for an 8am taping. We got to Time Square and went for breakfast. After breakfast we arrived at GMA only to wait outside for about an hour and a half still no complaining. We got inside and the entire staff treated us as if we were the special guest’s one of my students even asked "Are we V.I.P.?" Ha-ha...X Throughout each intermission they called on my students to get up and talk or to teach audience members how to dance. They were so excited and not shy one bit! When we left, we went for lunch, my students made such an impact on the audience (the show was playing live in Time Square) that while walking the street people would yell to them "Hey Ms. Freeman's class" prompting one of my students to ask "does this mean we're famous?" Ha-ha... This special day took place back in March, it is now September 25th and my students still talk about their experience. They made plenty of cards to flood the offices of GMA. They each wrote how they felt in their own words. A favorite of mine was: "Thank you so much for this experience without you I would never know I want to be an actor, this has changed my life" ha! 5th grade. Some of the children have never visited Times Square although they attend school right in the Bronx. They were so high off of life they made a homeless man cry because of how nice they treated him in the train station they sang and sang and sang with him until every person near left him some money. Spread love. That’s what it’s about. Creating life long changing experiences...and that their efforts go a long way. They may forget some of the lessons I taught them, but they will never forget that day. Thank You David Stanley Kim Ruiz and for making this a special year for them. Can’t wait to see what this year holds!!! Ms. Freeman