Everyone is a Storyteller..

"Write hard and clear about what hurts" -Ernest Heminway I had taken up acting and writing well into my Teaching career because I love to create (anything..parties,concepts,clothes, hairstyles,...the mood..lol). The same year that I took up "writing scenes from your life" I was teaching my most challenging class ever. 23 boys and 3 girls...do you see that ratio? It wasnt challenging because of the amount of boys it was definitely the mix of the type of little people in this class. Full of solid chatacters! I had class every Tuesday night at abt 6:30. So after leaving work, I would park in Harlem and take the train to around 14th in NYC for class. On this particular Tuesday I had a rough day at work. While I was on my train ride up to 14th st..I wondered the entire time .."why the hell am I teaching?" Suddenly, I remembered it was my turn to present my story buuuut of course I didnt complete my homework over the weekend, I was grading homework😔..I began to write..write about that day..previous days..future days and all "characters" encountered throughout those days. I presented ..things went well so I expanded it from the 15 minute assignment to a full fledged one woman show...The MisEducation of Ms. Freeman 📝 Whats your story?