Soul 2 Soul

I think that a good teacher should be a good and complete person: curious, passionate, interested about their pupils' interests, wishes, and feelings. A reeeaaalllllly good teacher should be a child in his or /her soul which means they still practice being , creative, imaginative and ready for exploration etc. A lot of being able to stand in front of a judging audience

(yes the kids😳😒) everyday has to do with how you are enjoying your days outside of the classroom as well. You cannot live a mundane unsatisfied life and stand in front of a large group of little human beings (who feel you before they hear you) and convince them that you know the keys 🔑 to life wothout any effort in figuring out (enjoying) your own. They feel you and go off of pure energy. Parents need not forget this gem as well. Do the work. Soul2Soul 🌹