Acting like a Teacher

Should Teachers be trained as Actors? But of course! Today's students are more visually oriented, more technologically sophisticated and more challenged in their academic orientation than the students of previous generations. How do you plan to grasp the attention of little people that can have entertainment at the click of a button? You better be pretty entertaining to lock them in❤ Since "All of the World is a Stage" how could we leave the classroom out? The use of Acting techniques such as physical and vocal animation, addressing the audience with enthusiasm, role-playing, and the use of suspense and surprise, will engage students. And when students are engaged they behave better. Todays best teachers are those who can adapt to their students varied learning styles (by learning style I also mean, even the ones that eat crayons while learning). Teachers = Actors

Teachers also offer lessons via multiple media in a consistently caring and engaging way in order to motivate todays students (the audience). The constant change the actor goes though is equivalent to a Teachers day Teaching. Talk about range of emotion. Teachers have always had to adapt to changing times (teaching methods, requirements, developments, etc.) and the 21st century is no different just more challenges. Learning how to "Act" can only enhance the skilled Teacher. 

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