You R what you Eat..

You know what you feed your body, but on what do you feed your mind? Feeding your brain is as important as feeding your body. What you feed your mind is in direct proportion to how much love 💘 you can extend to others. It is a simple equation and it goes something like this. The more crap that enters your mind, the more your mind is weakened. For example, if you have a steady dose of everything evil and dark, your thoughts will not be positive and helpful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information today available through a variety of mediums (be choosey). You can lose your job, you can lose material items, you can lose your lover, but you can never lose your knowledge. The money and time we invest in ourselves to further increase our knowledge is truly an investment in our future. 🎓📚 How many self-improvement books have you read over the last year? How many educational programs have you listened to that have helped you learn something new? Education does not stop when you finish school. All of life is an education. It truly is a continuous learning experience. I didnt go to a prestigious college for my undergrad degree. By the time I cared about education I was already almost finished with my first degree. To avoid feeling like I cheated myself, I taught myself. If there was / is something I wanted to learn about I did. I never let the fact that I no longer belong to a University to stop me from learning anything under the sun through experience...or a book