Fat City '2006

While I was recieving my Masters Degree, I had to attend a training that taught educators how students with learning disabilities learn. During the training they gave us (the participants) paragraphs to read in the tiniest font possible, sentences to read backwards etc. .This is my reflection on that experience. I re-wrote it below just in case you were unable to understand the picture. Enjoy.

The video Fat City that I observed during class October 5, 2006 was very interesting. Fat City is a workshop demonstrating to teachers what it may feel like to have a learning disability. There were many mistakes I myself have been making when it comes to instructing children with learning disabilities. I'm guilty of assuming the students were being lazy, having lack of motivation or just wanting attention ( resulting in a class clown) . The video showed me perception means everything ,in order to reach the kids who are "so-called" lazy I must change their entire perception on learning . Some children with learning disabilities view learning as having no meaning,therefore they do not value Knowledge because to them it has no meaning which makes perfect sense. Things do not interest me unless , one, it affects me ,two I can better from it ,or three ,unless it's something that I care about . Students have to care about the information being taught to them in order to make it successful. I was always a believer in the many ways a child can learn , as a child I always learned information better by having it shown to me rather then told . I have a prove it type of attitude ,and in all of my life only a few teachers have a grasped the concept of Blooms Taxonomy ,where a child can be smart in many different ways ,and should be taught as such. Once educators actually realize that we as human beings are all different and sometimes it takes a little more of "this" or "that" , we will be able to successfully reach all learners.