No News is Good News.

The day I stopped watching the news. During a Professional Development I spoke with an Art teacher about the creative process. This man could create something out of anything. He created palm trees with bananas hanging from them with cardboard boxes and duct tape. I asked how he came up with these creative solutions. He said he had never watched television which forces him to think. Growing up his family listened to the radio for important news and weather but that's it. At first I thought how strange that must've been for a child but then I thought to try it and see where it leads me. I started with the news (before completely cutting the cable off) and this is what happened. I began to realize the news stories were distorting my very own reality. News should be information that people need to manage their affairs in their community (i.e. weather, traffic, safety concerns). You need information to know what the opportunities are and what the problems are. Yet, news does the opposite of that. Most news stories are fundamentally opposed to what we actually experience on a day-to-day basis. Our perspective on the world is being skewed unconsciously and we make bad interpretations because of it. News only shows the exception to the rule never the rule itself. My daily life does not reflect the stories that I hear on the news at all. Daily I have people that look out for me from holding doors , letting me switch lanes while driving, cleaning my classroom for me, buying me lunch and telling me sweet nothings when I Need to hear them. Once I turned the news off I actually got to see my days for what they were. Which was full of people that were trying to live their best life. Full of people making good choices for the greater good. The news was doing the thinking for me telling me how to feel about certain issues that were handpicked to discuss. Imagine if you get millions of people to think one thought at the same time just by tuning in. Let me explain, Trump makes a speech that we do or don't like and collectively we all give the universe our opinion at the same time talk abut power of the minds. I don't need my worries structured for me. I I love to think on my own. Read. Write and Create. Freeing up my brain space allows me to do so. #FreeyourMind