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 “Surving New York City is one thing, but teaching the precocious kids that live there? That’s a whole different reality?"

Meet Ms. Freeman. A first-year teacher, at an elementary school in New York City. First day at work, Ms. Freeman receives ‘schooling’ on how love really goes down in the world of these children. From there, she encounters a secretary with the personality of a Fort Knox security guard, frustrated parents, a forced hunger strike, seven year olds with their own lesson plans and a principal who gives no guidance. This roller coaster of experiences has Miss Freeman questioning why she became a teacher in the first place. After learning disheartening information about one of her students, she comes to the realization that the world of teaching is not just about short work days and summer breaks. 




"I'm thrilled to debut this work at the world's largest solo festival," says Alaina. "I decided to do it not just for myself, but as an ode to teachers who carry on and change lives despite the odds stacked against their succeeding”. “It's for people that still remember the one teacher who impacted and changed their life! THE MISEDUCATION OF MS. FREEMAN, a story where harsh reality is married to humor, where despair meets optimism, with a cast of characters who display a sense of innocence mixed with absurdity”.

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